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Meishan JiZe Crafts Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with a registered capital of 1 million yuan and approximately 70 employees. It is a professional metal badge making company in Meishan City, Sichuan Province. Our employees have undergone professional training before taking up their positions. With excellent equipment and strict management, the company has been able to continuously develop and win the trust of customers. Precision, reliability, and professionalism are our production spirit and service beliefs.

For over a decade, Meishan JiZe Crafts Co., Ltd. has absorbed excellent technology and craftsmanship, combined years of wisdom and experience, and produced high-quality products that satisfy customers more. Our company has won the trust and praise of customers with its well-established and professional pre-sales, in sales, and after-sales services. On the basis of adhering to the production of high-quality products, the company continuously improves its service level and realizes the healthy development of its business.

Badges can be used for various purposes such as tourism souvenirs, company opening gifts, sports events, sports events, school badges, company image logos, company celebrations, club event commemorations, etc.

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Badges, in short, refer to the markings worn on their bodies to indicate their identity and work. It has a long history. At first, the totem logo of clan and tribe in Primitive Society was first mentioned. The authentic written records of the emblem can be traced back to the record in China's "Warring States Strategy - Qi Strategy 1": "Qin pretended to attack Qi through the Han and Wei dynasties. King Wei of Qi appointed Zhangzi as a general in response... Zhangzi changed his emblem to assist the Qin army." This is the earliest written record in China. But the badge pointed out here is somewhat different from the badge in modern sense. It actually refers to the flag. Gao Yinzhu: "The emblem, the blazing name, also... changes, making it the same as the Qin flag.

Some fake badges use advanced silicone molding techniques to imprint genuine badges onto a replica mold. After chemical treatment, the silicone becomes as strong as steel and becomes a mold. The emblem made of silicon mold, although very similar in appearance, has a fundamentally different texture from the genuine product. Differentiate from badge material and density. The main process of badge production is stamping the badge blank. The larger the tonnage of the stamping machine, the higher the density of the badges produced, and the higher the smoothness and smoothness of the front and back sides of the badges. In the early stage, most badges were made of copper material, due to the low hardness and strong plastic deformation of the materials. Steel molds were used for gravity stamping, and the high and low indentations on the front and back sides of the badges were particularly obvious, and the inscriptions were particularly clear.

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The types of badges include: People's Liberation Emblem, Women's Federation Emblem, New Public Security Emblem, League Emblem, Team Emblem, Sterling Silver Commemorative Emblem, Navy Emblem, Air Force Emblem, Tax Emblem, Criminal Police Emblem, Court Emblem, Procuratorate Emblem, Road Administration Emblem, Political Consultative Conference Emblem, Industry and Commerce Emblem, National Emblem, Party Emblem, Police Emblem, Military Emblem, Army Emblem, Forestry Emblem, Medal, New Industry and Commerce Emblem, Quarantine Emblem, Urban Management Emblem, Hospital Emblem, Judicial Emblem, Public Security Emblem, etc.

As a new category of collectibles, badges have become an important component of folk collections. In recent years, several national badge exhibitions and sales fairs have been held nationwide, promoting the development of China's badge collection industry. This article only includes various badges (medals, medals, commemorative badges, etc.) cast in China since the Xinhai Revolution. Due to the large number and variety of badges, which are scattered in various corners of society, and the limited literature on badges, it is not easy to collect and organize them systematically and truthfully. Therefore, the author introduces them to badges enthusiasts in a phased manner.

Emblems are a type of historical relic. In order to better respect history and adhere to its original appearance, I have included various political colored badges together, hoping that military friends can have a correct understanding.

A badge, a page of history, exudes a common charm from the depths of history. The badge is a witness to the progress of light, and the collection of badges reflects people's nostalgia for the wonderful things of the past. Badge collection is an economic phenomenon, but also a cultural phenomenon. In recent years, with the increasing popularity of collectibles, badge collection has gradually become popular. Currently, collectors in China also appreciate the positive trend of badges being sought after by the market.